Asbestos Removal

PCB has a long track record in the professional, safe, and cost effective removal of Asbestos products from Structures and facilities.

Thankfully the presence of Asbestos products in our surrounds is continually decreasing, due to both the moves by industry to utilise alternate materials in their finished products, and the conscientious efforts of Government, Business, and private property owners to remove existing Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s).

That being the case, there are still many Asbestos Containing Products and waste generated by this harmful material around us in forms such as Wall & Ceiling Linings, Electrical Backing Boards, Gaskets, Brake Linings, and Service Pits to just name a few.

All PCB personnel are trained in its safe removal with our Site Managers also being trained in the supervision of such works.

PCB is licensed to remove Asbestos by Workcover NSW & Worksafe VIC, and we strictly adhere to all related codes of practice in this regard.

All PCB personnel involved in this line of work, whether in a manual or supervisory role, are subject to annual medical examinations with the Dust Disease Board.