Vales Point Re-Roofing Works


PCB was engaged by ‘TransGrid’ to carry out the required Re-Roofing works within their High Voltage Switchyard at Vales Point.

The structure in question had an existing corroded metal roof, and was surrounded by an Asbestos lined parapet; as such the scope of works was to entirely remove the parapet and its framing; and to provide a new ‘clip-lock’ roof installation in a reconfigured manner so as to replace the previously existing parapet with eaves.

Replacing a metal roof in an environment with 50,000 volt overhead lines presents both obvious concerns and challenges; as such all PCB personnel involved firstly attended client training at their offices in Newcastle.

The demolition works were carried out under full Asbestos controls, with a 50 tonne crane carefully navigating the switchyard under supervision, so as to crane down the removed segments.

The structural elements of the roof framing were modified to provide for a reconfigured installation, and roof sheeting was installed along with a compliant roof anchor system.

During the works it was necessary to provide essential protection to highly sensitive (and critical) relay equipment within the building. This being to protect it from both the elements; and inadvertent damage from falling tools / materials during the replacement of the roof.

All originally programmed works were completed without issue, along with a number of client initiated variations.