R.A.A.F. Richmond – Hangar Skylights

PCB was engaged by Brookfield Johnson Controls, to carry out the ‘design & construct’ of a solution to the ongoing safety and structural issues associated with the skylights within the large ‘Qantas Defence Services’ Hangar.

Extreme wind loads upon the very large installations had caused cracking to begin to develop in the previously installed glass within the skylights. This had resulted in glass fragments having dropped in to the hangar below where maintenance activities were taking place upon aircraft.

Another issue that had to be considered in the proposal of any solution, was that the hangar could not be closed to allow the works to take place.

PCB devised a system to replace the glass with clear polycarbonate sheeting, and provided unique catch nets and access systems so as to enable the works to take place whilst not impeding upon the activities in the hangar.

Throughout the project, PCB successfully liaised with Brookfield, Qantas, and the R.A.A.F. so as to ensure that the complex works were able to proceed with all parties having a full understanding.

All works were completed ahead of schedule, and within budget.