Victoria Barracks – Heritage

PCB recently completed a major Heritage Refurbishment Project at Victoria Barracks, Sydney.

Victoria Barracks is one of Sydney’s iconic historic sites. Constructed in the 1840’s it has played a central role in the history of the Australian Military Forces.

The Barracks has great historical and ceremonial significance and is regarded as the “Home of the Army”.

The Barracks contains a number of buildings, the oldest of which are constructed of sandstone in the Colonial Regency and Colonial Georgian Style. It has been identified as a place of heritage value, evident by its inclusion on the Commonwealth Heritage List.

It was identified that various buildings at Victoria Barracks were in need of various repairs, maintenance and repainting, as required to prevent further deterioration to the buildings, thus ensuring the exceptional heritage significance of the Victoria Barracks precinct was maintained.

The works were vast and varied and included such aspects as;







Sub-floor ventilation

Sandstone Works



Structural Works

Lead Paint Removal

Floor Coverings

And much more…

The works were completed on behalf of Defence Maintenance Management, and in turn the Department of Defence.

Despite multiple client initiated variations all project works were completed to the original time-frame without delay.