Spectacle Island – Heritage Refurbishment

PCB was engaged by Brookfield Multiplex Services to implement the required refurbishment and upgrade works to various buildings throughout Spectacle Island.

Spectacle Island is located in Sydney Harbour. The site has been occupied by Defence since the late 19th Century and has significant heritage values, resulting in its inclusion on the Commonwealth Heritage List. The site is currently used as the Naval repository for the Royal Australian Navy.

Over the years a number of the buildings upon the island had fallen in to disrepair, with particular concern being placed upon the advanced degradation of sandstone due to salt erosion.

The island is only accessible by boat, which presented logistical challenges in mobilising plant, and building materials to the island. PCB provided barge transportation for all heavy plant and materials, with all light items and personnel being transported in a smaller boat from Rozelle.

PCB sourced sandstone as closely matching the grain and colour as that which was originally used on the island, and engaged a master stonemason to handcraft replacement blocks. This process included the marking of all blocks with ‘pick’ marks so that they matched the original stones which were cut by hand by convicts.

PCB sourced and provided many original elements, including Bakelite switches and light fittings, and welsh slate roofing.

PCB engaged a reputable Heritage Consultant throughout the project who oversaw all works and reviewed all methodologies, so as to ensure best practice was employed. For example; all introduced stones, and timber were etched with the date and the initials of their installer, so as to provide for historical reference in the future.

All works were completed without issue, and within budget, to the satisfaction of the client and stakeholders.