R.A.A.F. Richmond – Heritage Chapels

PCB was engaged by Brookfield Johnson Controls to carry out the structural remediation and refurbishment of both the Anglican, and Roman Catholic Chapels at the R.A.A.F. Richmond site.

Both Chapels at the site are assigned a ‘High’ Heritage Value and serve as important facilities for the personnel at the base.

Over time the structures had fallen in to disrepair with the structural issues at the Anglican Chapel progressing to a stage where the building had actually been closed and fenced off, thus requiring both the Anglican and Catholic congregations to share the Catholic Chapel.

The works primarily involved the structural remediation of the Anglican Chapel, but also provided for preventative structural remediation of the Catholic Chapel; along with general refurbishments to both Chapels.

The works included aspects such as: Brick Piers, Timber Framing, Timber Flooring, Roofing, Floor Coverings, Timber Cladding, Painting, Cataloguing of Artefacts, and the protection of irreplaceable Lead Light Windows.

It was necessary to liaise closely with both the Structural Engineer, and the Heritage Architect in ensuring that the works provided for both a structural sign-off, and Heritage conformance.

All works were completed to the original programme, and both chapels are now open to their respective congregations.