H.M.A.S. Waterhen Gym & Store Reconfiguration

PCB was engaged by Brookfield Multiplex Services to complete the expansion and refurbishment of the Gymnasium, along with the relocation of the Clothing Store, and reconfiguration of the Dive Store, at the H.M.A.S. Waterhen site in Waverton, Sydney.

PCB provided the client with initial concept drawings and designs for the proposed works with our design being accepted and implemented.

PCB provided and installed Energy efficient LED lighting which presents major cost savings and reduced impact upon the environment by way of reduced energy consumption.

New high security areas were created with compliance to Defence regulations in areas such as Wall Construction, Swipe Card Access, Door Construction, SCEC locks, Tamper proof installations, Intruder Alert, Chain Wire Fencing etc.

Independent Air Conditioning was installed within the Gymnasium thus removing the requirement to place extra load upon the buildings existing, less efficient Air Conditioning System in providing Air Conditioning to an area of high demand.

Noisy structural works were carried out, outside hours thus ensuring the safety of base personnel and reducing the impact of the works upon the base. Without this effort the works would have required the vacating of areas of the building.

The project was completed to the originally proposed programme, without incident or issue. The expanded Gymnasium and reconfigured Stores continue to enhance the capabilities and facilities of the H.M.A.S. Waterhen site.