H.M.A.S. Watson Fire Upgrades

PCB was engaged by DMM to carry out the upgrade of various buildings, and fire safety systems, within the HMAS Watson site so as to afford the site with conformity to current BCA, DDA, and MFPE requirements.

The works were spread across the entire site, and incorporated most buildings. As the works were carried out in Administrative, Recreational, Accommodation, Dining / Canteen, Sports, Security, and Restricted areas.

The works incorporated: Hydrants, Hose Reels, Smoke Detectors, Fire Doors, Occupant Warning System, Fire Collars, Door Hardware, Smoke Sealing, Electrical RCD Protection, Signage, Emergency Lights, Exit Lights, Fire (compartment) Separation, Fire Panels, Alarm Acknowledgement Facilities, Door Hold-Open Devices, Warden Intercom Phones, Block Plans, Emergency Exit Plans, and much more.

All works were completed to schedule, and within budget. PCB also provided for the final certification of the works.