R.A.A.F. Glenbrook Water Tanks

PCB was engaged by Brookfield Johnson Controls to carry out the demolition and removal, and then replacement of the installed twin 40KL water tanks at the R.A.A.F. Glenbrook facility, which had fallen in to disrepair after a great many years service.

The existing water tanks served a dual purpose; as a backup water supply for the Rural Fire Service, and a backup water supply for the site itself. The tanks were also situated upon a steel tower. As such these works required a great deal of coordination between multiple stakeholders, and were highly logistically challenging.

The original tanks were craned down and disassembled at ground level; with all water utilised for sustaining flora and fauna around the facility.

PCB sourced and provided ‘Glass Reinforced Plastic’ tanks for the new installation, thereby overcoming any issues with corrosion which the previous tanks had suffered; and reducing the load upon the tower structure at the same time.

The new tanks were similarly constructed at ground level, and then craned in to situ. The works were commissioned and signed off upon according to current Australian Standards, and were provided with an extended warranty.