H.M.A.S. Penguin – Pool & Plant Works

PCB was engaged by Brookfield Johnson Controls to carry out the demolition, rebuilding, and refurbishment of the swimming pool and associated plant at HMAS Penguin.

There has been a pool at the site since the early 1900’s; although it had been reconfigured many times. The previously existing pool had suffered significant structural decay due to cracking and movement, which had resulted in the shell no longer being able to retain water.

Given the historical value of the pool, a decision was made to demolish only entirely necessary components of the existing pool, and essentially build a new fully self supporting pool within the remnants of the existing.

The design incorporated many innovative features, not least of all a ‘Polyurea’ pool liner.

The works were challenging given the level of structural detail required in a water retaining structure of this kind. The works were further challenged by unforeseen circumstances such as the discovery of heritage finds during excavation works; and the discovery of contaminated fill during demolition.

The pool was however completed successfully, and was afforded an opening ceremony by the Royal Australian Navy.

Today the new pool provides for the Royal Australian Navy Diving School and is an essential part of their planned training activities for both Navy & Army Divers.