Sydney Central – Asbestos Removal

PCB was engaged by Brookfield Multiplex Services to carry out the removal and remediation of identified Asbestos Containing Materials across the Sydney Central Defence Region.

The project included very high profile Department of Defence sites, such as Garden Island; and at each site the identified Asbestos Containing Materials were in many wide and varied forms.

A very high profile component of these works was the removal of Asbestos Cement cladding from one of the more prominent structures beside the Dry Dock at Garden Island. The building itself performs critical functions for Thales Defence Systems; and the cladding was very intricately installed with a great many penetrations, windows, and more. PCB devised systems to remove the cladding from the façade without impeding upon those working within it; and sourced a unique synthetic replacement cladding with far superior properties to any alternates proposed by our competitors.

Aside from the cladding works, the project included the removal and remediation of both Bonded and Friable Asbestos in forms such as: Woven Rope, Electrical Backing Boards, Window Sealants, Wall & Ceiling Linings, Insulation, Fire Doors, Pipes, Gaskets, and much more.

All works were completed within budget, and without delay; and were fully cleared by an independent NATA accredited Hygienist.